Current Series

The Daily Disciplines of a Masterpiece

The key objective of this series will be to focus on 5 daily disciplines that a Masterpiece needs to develop in order to live as God’s masterpiece in 2019.

How Masterpieces Relate to Others

The key objective of the sermon series is to put into practice 4 relationship principles that will help us create winning relationships with other masterpieces

The Audacity of Christmas

The idea behind the series is - How do we dare speak of hope, joy, and truth in a world of violence, corruption, and division?  How could God possibly think that an infant born in a stinking stable could actually cause people to want to make the return journey to God when they had already traveled so far from God?  The question for us - How can we not speak about hope, joy, and truth now?  How can we show that Christmas really is about God making the journey towards us, not us towards Him?

The audacious message of Christmas is that even when God’s masterpieces, God’s greatest creation, rejected Him, He did not turn His back, nor His heart away from His people.  God continued to be God for us, His people.  God chose to reveal the full depth and capacity of His love and generosity for an ungrateful people through the birth of Jesus.  

How to...

In this sermon series we will be considering a series of "How To Questions" in order to help us grow in our relationship with other people and of course to grow in our relationship with God. 

Rest, Reflect and Restore

As we begin the summer we will take 3 weeks to consider 3 ways to make this a memorable and enjoyable summer.

Livin Forgiven

This is a three week series focused on the pathway of forgiveness that is offered through the lens of the Resurrection.

The goal of this series is to compel us to understand that what we believe about the crucifixion and the resurrection is evident in the ways in which we live with our own mistakes, the mistakes of others, and the mistakes of our families (other Christians).

Finding Jesus

The focus of this series is for us to take a journey of discovery about who Jesus really is. Is there evidence that Jesus was human? Do we know His convictions?  What did He do?  Was He the Messiah? Can He really save me?

Living Intentionally

2017 Is the Year of the Difference Maker.  In this sermon series we are going to consider what intentional practices we need to take in order to be difference makers.  As we discover these intentional practices we will seek out ways to make these consistent practices in our daily living.

Joy Has Dawned

This series will invite you to consider how to wait in expectation for the Good News of Great JOY!  Journey with us as we invite the Light of the World - Jesus the Messiah, The Child born in a Stinking Stable, to dawn in your heart.

Paul: God's Remarkable Puzzle Piece

Paul most certainly did remarkable things with his life. Other than Jesus, Paul is one of the most influential people the world has ever known. Most of us would hesitate in believing our lives will ever have as much impact and influence as Paul’s. Nonetheless the goal of this sermon series is to invite you to embrace the remarkable piece you are in God’s perfect puzzle. Join us as we take a look at the life, the calling, and the message of Paul and discover just how incomplete God’s puzzle is without you introducing your remarkable self.

5 Measures of A Christian

5 Measures of a Christian is a series about how to make sure that you finish well.  You are saved by grace, not by works.  This is not a series about the works you need to do in order to win God's favor.  God already considers you the apple of His eye.  This is a series about how to leave a legacy for the next generation.  A legacy that leads others to conclude that you most certainly must have served a very big God.