Current Series

The Audacity of Christmas

The idea behind the series is - How do we dare speak of hope, joy, and truth in a world of violence, corruption, and division?  How could God possibly think that an infant born in a stinking stable could actually cause people to want to make the return journey to God when they had already traveled so far from God?  The question for us - How can we not speak about hope, joy, and truth now?  How can we show that Christmas really is about God making the journey towards us, not us towards Him?

The audacious message of Christmas is that even when God’s masterpieces, God’s greatest creation, rejected Him, He did not turn His back, nor His heart away from His people.  God continued to be God for us, His people.  God chose to reveal the full depth and capacity of His love and generosity for an ungrateful people through the birth of Jesus.  

Building Bridge to Civility

As we get deeper into the primaries and closer to the November election it is becoming more and more obvious just how divided our country has become.  The issues are complex and challenging.  They deserve more than a 30 second sound-bite.  Friends and families are refusing to talk to each other because of these issues.  I hope you will join us for a three week sermon series on how Jesus invites us to build bridges to a better way of existence as we look at some key political issues that seem to divide us.  


This series is based upon the material developed by Mike Foster, Garry Poole and the People of the Second Chance.  In this series we will explore how we can live with the Freedom that Christ offers in a not-so-perfect world.

The LIVING Christmas Experience

The main idea of the series is to consider the question, "How do we live the Christmas Experience, Christmas Blessing, Christmas Promise when it appears that the promised presents have not yet been delivered?"  How does one live with Hope, Joy, Love and Peace in a world that is in a state of confusion as it wrestles with terrorism, violence and hatred?  Discover with us why Christians now more than ever need to be authentic proclaimers of God's great news that was revealed at Christmas.