Pastor Tim May

I pastor because I find tremendous joy in helping people learn how to live with  PASSION and CLARITY of purpose.  My primary focus as a pastor is to  help people find a path that INSPIRES them to live as the best expression of a BELOVED child of God as possible.  

I was not always a Christian, nor was I a United Methodist Pastor. In fact, I consider myself a recovered atheist.  I grew up in a military family, specifically a Navy family. Life was challenging, and those challenges often created a space for me to question everything about life, including the existence of God. The answers I received were never satisfying, especially my questions about God, suffering, and bad things happening to good people. My questions created more doubt and uncertainty in my already chaotic and strange world.

At the age of 20, I battled with deep sadness, loneliness and a significant identity crisis (I know who has an identity crisis at 20).  I decided to take the advice of a Christian and go and talk to a military Chaplain. My encounter with the Chaplain was my first experience with a guide (Coach).  He shared a lot of things that made sense to me and revealed some of my faulty thinking in a way that did not make me feel stupid or naive.  He created a space that allowed me to be open and honest with my thoughts and feelings.  That encounter has served as a foundation for the ways I attempt to pastor and lead a church.

The people I want to serve as a guide for, the people I hope will make First UMC their place of worship are those people who want to be a light of hope, joy, and inspiration for others. They want to commit their lives to helping others experience the power of having a breakthrough. They want to experience the joy that comes in assisting others to do what seems impossible.  I am attempting to revitalize a 125 year old church for people who have the aspirational dream of being real difference makers in the world but just can’t seem to find the right path that will allow them to have their life-changing breakthrough.  I hope you will consider being one of those people.  I hope you will take the challenge to be a difference maker no matter your age.

My life is a blessed life. I have been married to my beautiful college sweetheart for 24 years (almost 25). We have three amazing children, ages 13, 8 and 7.

I am a Commander in the Navy Reserves who is currently on deployment in Djibouti, Africa where I serve as the Command Chaplain.  I love Fort Pierce and I love the people of First UMC.   When I am back in Fort Pierce you will probably see me out running as I tend to run often.  I would like to play more golf.  I enjoy watching Big Bang Theory, Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, all the Marvel movies and Inspirational Movies. I am also a life long Pittsburgh Steeler Fan, but at the end of the day I am just an ordinary husband, father, Christian who is trying to inspire as many people as possible to live as BELOVED children of God.

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